Need for technology development

Smart Power Failure Detection Technolgy

(Smart Power Failure Detection Technolgy, SPFDT)
Technology that can detect power outages without SW wiring work
Power failure can be detected even when SW is off.

LED lighting device using SPFDT

In case of power failure due to natural disaster, fire or power instability,
To reduce human damage and provide convenience in life through the development of LED lighting devices that serve as evacuation induction and emergency lighting.

Existing technology

Types of emergency lighting

Dedicated type It is not used normally and only lights up in an emergency
Built-in type Two commercial and emergency LED light sources are built into one luminaire.
Combination type Commercial and emergency use as one LED light source in one luminaire

The combination type is a product type that is currently being intensively researched and developed because it does not require additional emergency light sources or additional construction, has no environmental restrictions on lighting installation, and has great economic advantages.

A method of detecting a power outage by connecting a wire to the main power (AC-INPUT)

Difficulty installing existing buildings due to the need for separate wiring
When applied to a new building, installation costs are high and the construction period is prolonged.
→ Most companies adopt this way

A method of detecting power failure by using separate parts such as capacitors and resistors at both ends of the wall switch

Depending on the state of the switch and the type of additional components, the sensing voltage is flexible and the leakage current is large
→ Not generally adopted