Introduction of Smart Power Failure Detection Technolgy

S.P.F.D.T technical operation overview

A method of determining whether there is a power outage by signals from both ends of the smart power failure detection device

No additional parts or wiring equipment construction is required (3-wire detection method X, which was essential in the past)
→ It is easy to install and does not require additional costs.
* Currently, there are similar technologies in China, the United States, and Japan that require the operation of the product’s own switch, but the only product that our company is researching and developing.

Operating principle of SPFDT

Operation classification of smart blackout detection device

Basic concept

Normally ON/OFF operation according to wall switch operation like general lighting
In an emergency Detects power failure and operates as an emergency light
Applicable to various LED lighting devices such as bulb lights, indoor lights, entrance lights, emergency exit lights, and transportation means
* * Can be used as a portable lantern by removing it from the socket in case of emergency

Our emergency lighting products

Our emergency lighting products

– No need separate SW wiring work required
– Only connect AC input power wiring (2 strands, FG)