Brief history of R & D

Year 2001 Mar. Power Supply Unit(PSU) for SVR
Aug. PSU for DVD(80W)
Sep. AC/DC PSU for Fiber-Optic MUX
Oct. Inverter for EL-LAMP
Nov. PSU for Transformer meter reader(25W)
PSU for Security terminal(30W)
PSU for AC/DC, DC/AC repeator for china
(SMPS for repeator (20W,10W,5W,2W): PFC circuit internal
Year 2002. Jan. PSU for HDTV(180W)
Mar. PSU for Medium size repeator for KTICOM
Apr. PSU for RF(20W,10W,5W,2W) for repeator
May. PSU for remote operational security devise for KTF
Jun. PSU for HDTV(200W)
Jul. PSU for SMPS AC/DC(50W) IMT2000 repeator
PSU for micro wave repeator (15W) for china market
PSU for small repeator (30W) for china market
PSU for game console (80W AC24V) for Japan market
DC/DC Converter(15W DC12V) for scanning detector sensor
Nov. PSU(900W) for auto meter reader for KEPCO
AC/DC PSU(800W) for relay for KTF-NOTECH
Dec. PSU for DC/DC Converter(30W DC27V) for WCDMA
PSU for KTICOM races L & M class relay
Year 2003 Jan. AC/DC PSU (250KEA) for micro relay(15W) for KTF
Mar. AC/DC PSU for Gap-Filler for satelite wave receiver repeator for SK telecom. Indoor PSU(300KEA) for KTF
Apr. DC/DC MODULE 200W Class for measuring instrument for WCDMA for Inowireless.
Jun. SMPS(150W Class) for small repeator for KTF
PSU( low voltage 3.3V) for VDSL
Jul. Power Stabilizer for NOTCH Relay for LG telecom.
Oct. Power stabilizer for security device for KT LINKUS TELCAP.
Dec. SMPS(200W Class) for Medical appliances(Body fat analyzer)
Year 2004. Jan. SMPS(200W) CCTV camera driving unit for Samsung Techwin
Power controller system for KTF Daejeon.
Mar. SMPS(AC/DC,DC/DC) for fiber-optic repeator for India market.
SMPS(200W) for electric sign board for Daegu subway.
May. PSU for TETRA SYSTEM for Busan Subway
Jul. PSU for Game devices for USA market
Oct. PSU(250W) for TAiwan market
PSU(150W) for Philippines market
Nov. SMPS for Mobile phone Burn in equipmwnt for LG
PSU(220W) for printer for LG
Year 2005. Jan. Break System Power(450W) for HyunDai Motor.
Feb. Rectifier Power System(1.5KW) for TETRA System at Incheon Air Port.
Mar. Variable PSU for Samsung LCD BLU inspection equipment.
Apr. PSU for portable internet relay for LG telecom.
Oct. SMPS(Master, Slave) for TRS at Daegu Subway.
Dec. Internal PFC SMPS for EPCS for LG telecom.
Year 2006. Apr. PSU for POE
Jun. PSU for bidet for Dongyang Magic
Jul. DC/DC Converter for Metal Cell (USA defense ministry test )
Sep. PSU(700W) for thermo-element.
Year 2007. Mar. PSU system for constant temperature Pouch.
Jun. DC/DC Converter for microwave repeator for SK telecom.
Jul. High voltage generation Inverter for video-Amplifier Tube for NDS(National Defense Standard)
Year 2008. Jan. Small PSU for home network .
Apr. PSU(600W) for Karaoke Equipment.
May. PSU(520W) for Fire Fighting System
DC/DC Converter for SKT WIBRO.
Sep. LED fluorescent light(20W) for 1 lamp & 2 lamps.
Nov. LED Illumination light(24V 100W) for plane surface.
Year 2009. Jan. PSU for LED Illumination light(15W) for Lotte Shopping.
Feb. PSU(24V 200W) for semiconductor equipment.
DC/DC Converter(20W) for DVR for inside of BUS.
Tracking Power(15W) for Samsung DMC.
Year 2011. May. Tracking Power(25W) for Samsung DMC.
Jun. Tracking Power(15W, 25W) for Samsung DMC.
Jul. DC/DC Converter(60W) for Samsung advanced Institute of Technology.
Aug. PSU(100W) for LED Street Lighting system.
Sep. Inverter for EL-LAMP
Tracking Power(45W) for Samsung AIT
Year 2012. Oct. Tracking Power(250W) for Samsung AIT.
2CH Traking Power(45W) for Samsung AIT.
Dec. Tracking Power(25W) for Samsung DMC.
PWM Controller for BIO LED Fluorescent Stand.
Year 2012. Feb. Magnetron Power
Mar. PFC MODULE(6.6KW) for Samsung AIT
DC/DC Converter for fuel saver.
Inverter for light line.
Apr. Resonant Power(300W) for Amplifier for karaoke
May. Tracking Power(110W/180W0 for Samsung AIT
Power System for fire detector for SIMENS.
Battery Charger for COCAM.
Jul. AC/DC Converter for Charger for electric battery car.
Oct. Tracking Power(60W) for wireless eletricity transmitter for Samsung AIT.
Year 2013. May. PSU(400W) for broadcasting equipment for Inter-M Japan.
Jun. Power(13W) for LED illuminating Bulb for Export.
Aug. Power(190W) for LED Street Light.
Internal Power(18W) for LED Fluorescent light for Japan market.
Dec. RGB Controller for LED illuminating light.
Year 2014. Feb. LED light for iside elevator.
Mar. Power & Controller for LED light for Mirror.
Controller for portable hydrogen water purifier.
May. Converter (DC/DC 3KW) for pan-controller for KTX.
Jun. UV Controller for LCD Panel.
Oct. Power(36W) for LED Fluorescent light for Guam Market.
Year 2015. Jan. Power(150W) LED Street Light.
Apr. High Efficiency Power(50W) for LED indoor light , Achieved Korea Certification.
Aug. Emergency Power Controller for Metal Cell.
Sep. No-Flicker type Power for indoor light, Achieved Korea Certification.
Oct. Controller for filter exchange indicator for hydrogen water purifier.
Nov. . Variable Power for LED security light.
Year 2016. Jan. Internal Power for LED fluorescent light for Japan Market.
May. Battery Monitoring Panel for Metal Cell.
Dec. Coil Conrol Circuit for Motor Car.
RGB Dimming Bulb(15W)
Year 2017. Apr. Leaf type LED lighting module(45W)
May. LED lightinh Converter for 2CH WIFI dimming.
Power for remote meter reader for 3 phase PLC for KEPCO
Aug. Constant current charger for super capacitor.
Sep. Dimming Power for Micro-wave Sensor, and Achieved Korea Certification.
Dec. 2CH USB charger , Achieved certification.
Year 2018. Mar. Multi-Power Charger for AI-Robot.
Jul. Power(120W) for Air Purifier(including Motor driver)
Aug. UV-C LED Module ( self commercialized)
Year 2019. Feb. Plant light(112W) for USA Export.
Apr. LED light(15W) using SPFDT(Smart Power Failure Detection Technology)
Jul. LED light(7W class) for advertizing Board
Small Search Light System(5W)
Oct. Micro-Wave(10.525Ghz) sensor light(15W)
Dec. Charger for AC380V, DC27V, 20A 600W Class.
Year 2020. Feb. AC Explosion proof Light(120W)
Jun. Completed Developing S.P.F.D.T
SOLAR Charger (600W)
Oct. Wireless Switch(AC 600W)
Micro-wave sensor light (S.P.F.D.T. 15W)