Main business partner

Main Customer(Components/S.M.P.S)

구분 업체 End-user Equipments Business character
1 LG InnoTech Ministry of Defence Communication Equipment Distribution
2 YeongWoo Comm. SK Telecom Repeator Manufacturing
3 NEO Information System National Police Agency Driving License Test Center Manufacturing, distribution
4 NEXT link KTF Repeator (IBS) Manufacturing, distribution
5 KM Tech KTF Micro repeator Manufacturing, distribution
6 Samkyeong Information
& Comm.
Ministry of Information
Unmanned automatic
mail&post system
7 NEO-LUX Export EL Lamp Manufacturing
8 DongSin Elec. S-ONE Security System Manufacturing
9 SIMENS Governmental Office Fire detection System Manufacturing
10 Inter-M Subway Agency Broadcasting Equipment Manufacturing
11 Niztech Fire fighting station 이엘인버터 Manufacturing
12 DF 코리아 DF Korea,Government Office LED lighting Manufacturing