Brief history of company

DEC.1990 Started private business as a electronic component distributor
MAY.1991 Supplied electronic component of military part for L.G
JUL. 1992 Developed VCXO for ADSL
SEP.1992 Supplied MLCC for SVR FOR L.G
JAN.1995 Registered at KOTRA as a trader for foreign market
SEP.1995 Registered as a corporate business
MAR.1997 Moved business office to Yongsan electronic office
AUG.1997 Supplied electronics part for BS telecom
JUL.1998 Supplied components for AMPIRE LCD
MAY.1999 Supplied components for ABC taiwan chip inductor
OCT.1999 Supplied components for TAITECH chip inductor
DEC.1999 Moved business office to Guro dong in Seoul
DEC.1999 Started manufacturing and R & D (S.M.P.S)
JUL.2000 Achieved Korea Certification approval( no. 3-12-1732)
DEC.2000 Registered factory at Anyang city
JUN.2001 Supplied components for VDSL for SOFT BANK
AUG.2002 Moved factory to Gunpo city, Gyeingi do.
OCT.2002 Registerd factory at Gunpo city
DEC.2002 Supplied components for CAPXON capacitors
JAN. 2003 Supplied electronic components for LETEX OPTO relay
MAY.2004 Supplied TRS TETRA power system for Busan subway
JAN.2005 Supplied break system power for HYUNDAI Motors.
JUN. 2006 Developed and supplied power for bidet for dongyang magic.
JUL.2007 Developed 6kv inverter for military specifications
SEP.2008 Developed & produced power for 20W LED light
JUL.2009 Developed & produced converter for CCTV dome camera
MAR.2010 Supplied tracking power system for wireless power transmitter for SAMSUNG
MAY.2012 Developed & supplied fire detecting sensor(600W) for SIMENS
MAY.2013 Supplied power for Inter-M broadcasting system
MAY.2014 Developed DC-DC converter for Fan controller for KTX
APR.2015 Achieved aproval of KC for LED lighting
JAN.2016 Developed & supplied internal power for LED lighting for japan market
MAR.2017 Registerd as a cooperatve company at OSAN UNIV for developing LED sensor
MAY.2017 Made an agreement with KEPCO for developing DCU power
JAN.2018 Developed Smart Power Failure Detection Technology
DEC.2018 Registered as a cooperative company at DAERIM UNIV.
FEB.2019 Registerd partnership company at KIIT
MAR.2019 Made agreement for developing and patent application for 60W LED lighting
APR.2019 Developed LED search-light (small, medium& large size)
MAY.2019 Developed sensor light for 10.525GHz micro wave
JUN.2019 Agreement for supply of power system for ADC energy USA.
JUN.2020 Commercialized 15W SPFDT
OCT.2020 Commercialized 50W SPFDT